Power of Attorney

Georgia is the only country worldwide, where notary services are performed on-line.


Who may enjoy on-line notary services? 

Any citizen of Georgia or persons having temporary residence certificate of Georgia may enjoy on-line notary services


What is required for on-line notarization of a Power of Attorney 

For on-line notarization of a Power of Attorney a computer, internet, web-camera, earphone and microphone are required.

On-line certification of notary act via skype is made by any notary practicing within the territory of Georgia.


How can one find notary’s skype address? 

At the web-site of Notary Chamber of Georgia, in a link ,,Notary Bureaus” and ,,Map of Notaries” skype addresses of all notaries are provided. 


 Who must attend the process of on-line certification of notary act? 

The process of on-line certification of a statement or consent must be attended by two persons: one of them to sign the notary act in the place of pr5incipal and he (she) must not be the participant of notary act, or principal’s family member, but may be the relative of the latter. The second person shall attend the process of notary act by the status of witness. He (she) shall not be principal’s family member, relative or participant of notary deed.