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Substitute of Notary

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+995 595 226 574mlomtatidze@hotmail.comPersonal dataNot specified
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+995 568 292 969hellendzadzamia@gmail.comPersonal dataNot specified
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Ana Kvaratskhelia
+995 577 602 371anakvaratskhelia@yahoo.comPersonal dataNot specified
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05-09-2019-to   15-09-2019   replaced Khatuna Kajaia
26-07-2019-to   26-07-2019   replaced Lali Gzirishvili
14-06-2019-to   15-06-2019   replaced Merab Pharjikia
10-06-2019-to   13-06-2019   replaced Ekaterine Marshania
16-05-2019-to   16-05-2019   replaced Ekaterine Marshania
30-04-2019-to   02-05-2019   replaced Merab Pharjikia
13-04-2019-to   13-04-2019   replaced Merab Pharjikia
Archil Khutsidze
+995 577 407 372achibalt@yahoo.comPersonal dataNot specified
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20-02-2020-to   28-02-2020   replaced Elene Mergell
09-07-2019-to   09-11-2019   replaced Marina Makharadze
28-05-2019-to   08-07-2019   replaced Marina Makharadze
Davit Metreveli
+995 574 284 900davit103@gmail.comPersonal dataNot specified
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23-08-2018-to   31-08-2018   replaced Liana Minadze
Davit Metreveli
+995 599 933 959davitmetreveli@mail.ruPersonal dataNot specified
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27-01-2020-to   29-01-2020   replaced Liana Minadze
23-12-2019-to   27-12-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
09-12-2019-to   13-12-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
04-11-2019-to   05-11-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
30-07-2019-to   02-08-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
25-07-2019-to   29-07-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
13-06-2019-to   14-06-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
10-06-2019-to   12-06-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
07-06-2019-to   07-06-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
06-02-2019-to   08-02-2019   replaced Liana Minadze
05-12-2018-to   25-12-2018   replaced Liana Minadze
03-12-2018-to   04-12-2018   replaced Liana Minadze
19-11-2018-to   30-11-2018   replaced Liana Minadze
12-11-2018-to   16-11-2018   replaced Liana Minadze
15-10-2018-to   19-10-2018   replaced Liana Minadze
03-10-2018-to   05-10-2018   replaced Liana Minadze
23-08-2018-to   31-08-2018   replaced Liana Minadze
30-10-2017-to   03-11-2017   replaced Liana Minadze
25-10-2017-to   27-10-2017   replaced Liana Minadze
04-09-2017-to   08-09-2017   replaced Liana Minadze
Dodo Tsiklauri
Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
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31-01-2019-to   31-01-2019   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
12-12-2018-to   13-12-2018   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
03-12-2018-to   04-12-2018   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
29-11-2018-to   30-11-2018   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
01-11-2018-to   02-11-2018   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
18-10-2018-to   18-10-2018   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
01-02-2018-to   02-02-2018   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
14-09-2017-to   15-09-2017   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
06-09-2017-to   08-09-2017   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
08-06-2017-to   08-06-2017   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
11-05-2017-to   12-05-2017   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
16-12-2016-to   16-12-2016   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
19-11-2012-to   21-11-2012   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
15-08-2012-to   07-09-2012   replaced Nino Uberi
12-03-2012-to   16-03-2012   replaced Tinatin Devdariani
04-05-2011-to   13-05-2011   replaced Nino Khabuliani
24-01-2011-to   31-01-2011   replaced Lali Gzirishvili
06-09-2010-to   01-03-2011   replaced Nino Uberi
24-08-2010-to   04-09-2010   replaced Nino Khabuliani
30-07-2010-to   08-08-2010   replaced Nino Uberi
Ekaterine Chitashvili
+995 595 414 999ekachitashvili6@gmail.comPersonal dataNot specified
The duties of the contract
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Ekaterine Nikoladze
+995 599 207 650nikoladzeekaterine@gmail.comPersonal dataNot specified
The duties of the contract
20-03-2020-to   21-03-2020   replaced Bachana Shengelia
20-02-2020-to   21-02-2020   replaced Bachana Shengelia
05-02-2020-to   07-02-2020   replaced Irma Gogia
27-12-2019-to   27-12-2019   replaced Medea Demetrashvili
19-12-2019-to   21-12-2019   replaced Medea Demetrashvili
04-11-2019-to   08-11-2019   replaced Liana Bukhrikidze
14-09-2019-to   20-09-2019   replaced Medea Demetrashvili
15-08-2019-to   23-08-2019   replaced Liana Bukhrikidze
15-07-2019-to   19-07-2019   replaced Medea Demetrashvili
13-07-2019-to   13-07-2019   replaced Medea Demetrashvili
27-05-2019-to   31-05-2019   replaced Nana Bakuradze
13-05-2019-to   16-05-2019   replaced Medea Demetrashvili
06-05-2019-to   11-05-2019   replaced Medea Demetrashvili
21-01-2019-to   25-01-2019   replaced Liana Bukhrikidze
18-01-2019-to   18-01-2019   replaced Marika Gogoladze
03-01-2019-to   04-01-2019   replaced Nana Bakuradze
26-12-2018-to   28-12-2018   replaced Nana Bakuradze
13-11-2018-to   13-11-2018   replaced Marika Gogoladze
01-11-2018-to   02-11-2018   replaced Marika Gogoladze
24-10-2018-to   26-10-2018   replaced Marika Gogoladze